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Mountain House, California, is a vibrant and growing community with lots of groups and activities. Census Data

We encourage content submissions from all community groups. Your events and happenings are our primary editorial focus. Submit an article or event info for publication consideration Email your article, photos, and/or info with the event/topic in the subject bar, or "for consideration in the next Mountain House Matters!

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Mountain House, California is a growing and vibrate community located at the vortex of the San Joaquin, Alameda and Contra Costa County lines

Mountain House Matters is dedicated to bringing the latest developments in town. The MH Matters! community newspaper began being mailed directly to each address in town monthly in September 2012.
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Mountain House Matters! Mountain House Matters! News Guy imagemonthly community newspaper now reaches more than 4,100 mailboxes in the 95391. That's more than 14,000 people in total households* - The Mountain House Matters! print edition is published and mailed by USPS Every Door Direct Mail mid-month each month.

MH Matters oTV!
Programing Schedule:

9:33 pm: What's Going On w/Lynnete & Corey - guest MH Little League VP Aaron Lehikoinen
9:55 pm: Aleyta Meldrum's premier interview show. guest: Cassie Bobrow Help Name the show!
10:21 pm: ETA and TPF Announce Merger
10:22 pm: ETA and TPF CoFounders Talk About Their Development
11:03 pm: MH Bar COFFEE CARHOP Service
11:04 pm: Colin Clements LUSD Oath of Office
11:06 pm: Bubba Paris endorsement of Mountain House Matters!
11:08 pm: Light at Grantline and Byron Rd…
11:09 pm: Bobaloo's Garage Band performs…
11:16 pm: PSA - Pia Jensen Crafting for ALS
11:19 pm: What's Going On w/Lynnete & Corey - guest: Stephanie Olsen
11:47 pm: MHHS Performing Arts Winter Concert
11:48 pm: MH Matters PSA: Quilts of Valor…
11:49 pm: What's Going On w/Lynnete & Corey - guest: Melissa Saldana
12:07 am: One Mile band live music

programing will loop beyond, and viewers may select individual video segments "on-demand" style.