2nd Annual Mountain House Witches' Ride Lights Up The Town

By Bryan Harrison - posted November 2, 2017

Witches on wheels was the name of the game, once again, as the witches of Mountain House took to their bikes for the 2nd annual Mountain House Witches' Ride Sunday evening, October 29, 2017.

Organized as a Community Services District sanctioned event, in conjunction with the MH Mothers' Club, the annual ride was so much fun last year there was little question as to whether they'd take to the streets again.
Chief witchley instigator, Kate Coffee, gathered her brood at Central Park at the witching hour of 5pm. Together they rode to Questa Village, past Questa School, and on to Altamont Village. With each village they chose a route that took them past the village k-8 school. Altamont and on to Bethany, where they crossed over the Mountain House Creek Bridge as the sunset sky caste a deep pink on a rising cloud. The waxing moon shone at the cloud's edge as the witches paraded past cheering crowds of some of the local children. From Bethany on to Wicklund Village, down and around the school and park and back up to Central Parkway they rode. At last, they rejoined at the Main Street entrance to Central Park, where they gathered for a group photo to commemorate this special ride.

'It's so much fun to dress up and ride, and throw candy to the kids,' said one tickled rider just afterward.

Together the witches created the brightly lit moon, and vanished again into the night.
Click for a complete photo gallery from the ride.

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