County Board of Supervisors Approves MH Town Center Construction Plans

By Bryan Harrison - posted November 22, 2017

Stockton, CA - High atop the sixth floor of the San Joaquin County building, The question of final approval of the overall Mountain House Town Center site plan was put before the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors November 14, 2017.

Placed at the end of a long agenda for the day, the Board of Supes heard a presentation from San Joaquin County Community Development Department Director, John Funderburg, as well as Project Manager from Mountain House Developers, LLC, David Sargent, and the MH Community Services District representative, Anthony Docto. Funderburg’s presentation was nearly identical to the concisely detailed explanation he delivered successfully October 5th to the SJ County Planning Commission.
In similar fashion to that previous step in the process, the Board voted unanimously in support of the plans.
Supervisor for District 5, which includes Mountain House, Bob Elliott, made the motion to approve the plan, followed by a quick second from Kathy Miller, Supervisor, District 2, followed by some further brief discussion before the vote was taken.
With this approval, Mountain House Developers, LLC may now set about finalizing specific plot maps throughout the area in question, some 26 acres located at the edge of Byron Road and Mountain House Parkway, stretching ultimately to Central Parkway and just shy of Arnaudo Dr.
While each plot map must go through respective approval for design and permitting, this board of supervisors approval serves to lock-in the overall plan.
“This is a huge milestone,” stated Funderburg afterward.
“What this really means,” Sargent told MH Matters, “is that the plan as it stands is our final map.” He went on to explain that the developer will no longer face potential change requests. Detailed maps of each part of the downtown will require approval, but the overall layout is no longer in question.
The developer may now move forward with the next steps that must be taken to be ready to actually begin the work on the town center area.
“There is much to do,” Sargent stated. Grading the land, which he said they hope to start by next Summer, may just be the first step that signifies this is really happening. Road improvements to the intersection of Byron Road and Mountain House Parkway are likely early steps, as well, he said.

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Getting to this significant stage has been a long time coming, by any standard. Since the CalPERS landowner representatives, now know as Mountain House Developers, LLC, first took control of the entirety of the master-planned downtown space in mid-2013, delay after delay has taken the project four-plus years down the road.
In a somewhat ironic twist, much of the delay came about due to the developer engaging with the community about what the townspeople would like to see in their downtown. Altered plans that ultimately came about in the aftermath of those workshop sessions made several significant changes to the Master Plan, not the least of which was deleting the DeAnza Blvd through-way from where the school administration building sits over to the connector at the “bridge to nowhere”, at the corner of Central Parkway and DeAnza.
Making changes to the Master Plan is no easy feat, making this milestone all the more significant. The approval was for changes to: Specific Plan I (PA-1700003); Specific Plan III (PA-1700005); and Specific Plan II (PA-1700004).
The latest design adjustments made to these final maps served mainly to “achieve consistency” throughout. Bringing the tentative map into compliance included meeting the Community Development Department’s requirements for safe and consistent intersections, which he said has been achieved.
Work on the Town Hall/Library complex on the Western side of the downtown area, which was approved by the San Joaquin Planning Commission in September, could well start even before the rest of the town center gets underway.

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