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The concept that became Mountain House Matters! was developed out of the realization that there existed a need, even in this virtual age, for a printed publication for the people of our town of Mountain House, California. The primary theme and idea behind this monthly publication is to help keep residents of this bustling and growing community informed of goings-on, changes, and important developments. As a free-standing community, and one of the very few "new towns" in the nation, Mountain House has "unique" written all over it. It is our aim to illustrate that uniqueness however and whenever it shows up.

Born out of the need to spread the word about the Dog Club's efforts to win a dog bark for the community, as well as the efforts to spread the word about the Feral Cat Rescue in town, Mountain House Matters quickly became all that and much more. News on events for the many other clubs, groups, and organizations quickly joined the fold. From School Foundation activities to the latest from the Community Services District, Mountain House Matters provides a needed resource for the community. We have even developed our own original comic strip, "Moe the Hobo Cat".

"I had a strong feeling when this idea first started surfacing in my consciousness that it would be well received," states publisher Bryan Harrison. "I have been absolutely and wonderfully overwhelmed by the way in which the community has embraced the paper, though."

Growing with the population of the town, Mountain House Matters! is mailed monthly to each and every address within the 95391 zip code. Initial circulation, with the premier issue in September 2012, was 3,447. As of June 2017, the number of addresses has grown to 4,860. We are on a significant growth path that will in all likelihood continue upward as the town continues to grow.

Mountain House Matters! is supported soley by our advertising sponsors. There is no charge for community groups wishing to have their info published. We have been delighted by the way in which community leaders and small businesses have stepped up to make Mountain House Matters! a priority in their marketing strategy, and welcome any referrals folks may send our way.

Mountain House Matters! Publication Specs

Monthly print publication Circulation - Every address within the 95391 zip code, mailed by USPS “Every Door Direct”. Growing as Mountain House grows (3,447 in Sept '12, to 3,600 as of March 2013, and 4955 as of the October 2017 issue - total of residential & business).

Advertising Submissions - Ads may be placed at one-time (1x) open rates or contracted at discounted three-time (3x) or twelve-time (12x) subscriber-based rates (3 or 12 consecutive monthly issues) Payment - All ads must be paid for prior to publication: monthly or quarterly by way of credit card auto pay; or in full, or at least quarterly, in advance by check made payable to Association News Network, Inc. We gladly accept Mastercard, VISA, and American Express

Mountain House Matters community newspaper

is mailed monthly to every address in the 95391 zip code. We call it "Saturation Mailing", now delivered to 4,955 mailboxes (as of August 2017 issue), reaching some 17,000+ people. In addition, 200-300 copies of each issue are distributed to nearby drop-off locations.

Thank you to our readers for responding to and utilizing the services offered within. Our sponsors, like our amazing community, make Mountain House Matters possible.

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